New blog

This is the first post of this brand spanking new blog of mine.

I will just give a quick explanation / intro, and then we┬┤re off! More content, less ramblings!

For a long time I have been wanting to start something new, different from what I have tried before. So this is part of that. This will be a purely IT related blog. It also serves as a great opportunity for me to get to play around a bit with WordPress! Those interrested in what is going on in my life in general have other ways of keeping up with me, or should simply get in touch more.

Some posts here will be regurgitations and more or less plain translations of some posts from my previous blog over at blogger and other previous writings.

My first post on topic will be up soon, so check back in!

Oh, and since this is a new blog I will be playing around with the look and feel extensively. Any feedback is much appreciated.


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