Monthly Archives: September 2010

Innocent code

I have just gotten around to read through Innocent Code by Sverre H. Huseby.
It was originally part of the curriculum of a security class I was taking this spring. But after reading the chapter required for class it got left behind. That was not because it is a bad book wich it is absolutely not.

The book review business is not something I am getting into, but I can gladly recommend this book to anyone involved in web security one way or another. It is a good read with many nice points and a good mix of practical and theoretical examples. So if I were in the review business I probably would give this book the high rating of 4 / 5. That is how good it is!

But dont trust me, check out the ratings on amazon:


wp upgrade etc

Yay, so I finally got around to upgrade wordpress wich is actually at 3.0.1 by now. So much for keeping in the front!
As a sort of celebration for that I have also changed the theme, might still do some experimenting with that though..
I have also gotten myself an Amazon associates program id so all you beautiful people out there can support me while purchasing books for yourself! You can bet on some weird stuff showing up here while I experiment with the shapes and forms of that..
For now why not have a look at this great book, Designing BSD Rootkits by Joseph Kong.

So all in all, this is pretty much a post to ignore.