Monthly Archives: January 2011

Booting PfSense from USB

Today I helped a friend with his PfSense firewall that had died due to hardware issues.
We put in my Intel USB SSD (it had gotten left over from my FreeNAS server) and was identic to the one he used previously.

Since we reinstalled we used the chance to try out AMD64 2.0-BETA5.
All was well through the installation but after reboot the system could not mount the disk.
We rebooted and opted for “Boot from USB” in the menu wich worked just fine.

excerpt from /boot/beastie.4th in PfSense 2.0BETA5
This led us to some digging, me in the loader and him on google.
We both came up with the solution at the exact same time..

Just set the sysctl option"10000"
in /etc/loader.conf to make the system wait a little longer when mounting from USB.

This solution probably works across all the FreeBSD derivatives.