Fixing the range issue on my Tellstick

While I can in no way take any original credit for this idea I just wanted to share some pictures of my Tellstick in this process since the onces I have seen were of much older revisions.

Mine is a batch 10 of the original TS001 with internal antenna.
The new antenna is 164mm from the soldering point to the end. Google a bit and you will find both the math for this and lots of howtos.

As usual, click the images to blow them up a bit.

Before any modification

old antenna connector cut
Original antenna lead cut
new antenna soldered in place
New antenna soldered, not the prettiest job.
new antenna soldered in place
Looks a little better from this angle..
put back together with new external antenna
And put back together, will throw in a bit of hot-glue and some shrink wrap to finish it off later.

The range is now much better, and the genereal appearance when commanding switches is less uncertain.
I will have to get back with some actual measurements of the range though.


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