FreeDOS bootable USB stick

FreeDOS is a great drop in replacement for MS DOS when you need it.
However there is no download for a bootable USB stick so if you want one you have to make i yourself (or download at bottom).

There are a couple of steps involved, but nothing advanced.

First create and start a new virtual environment in qemu or what you like.

On my FreeBSD box:
character# qemu-img create freedos.img 100MB
Formatting 'freedos.img', fmt=raw size=104857600
character# kldload kqemu
character# qemu -boot d -cdrom media/FreeDOS-1.1.iso -hda freedos.img -vnc :3

Connect with vnc and run the install process and install to the VHD.

FreeDOS install screen

FreeDOS install screen

When finished simply copy the image to your usbdrive with dd

On my MBP(ymmv):
mbp:labb root# dd if=freedos.img of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m

After which you will see (at least in os X) a FREEDOS2012 volume mounted.

Add any utils you like to it and unmount the filesystem.

Boot your new FreeDOS USB drive!

FreeDOS command prompt

FreeDOS command prompt

For the lazy ones I have my image available for download right here.
(SHA256 ( = 40db631d392b77cb8d9a71e04d14abf2982db67202db602113ade23f2d6a3a6d)

There are several guides about this on the internet, like this one which I found very good so I’m not claiming any credit for inventing the wheel in any way..


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