Electia wireless switch

Setup of Electia wireless receivers

Electia wireless switch

Electia wireless switch

The Swedish ‘electronics and random stuff for around the house’ chain Clas Ohlson is selling out some very cheap wireless switches.

I just got mine working with the Tellstick the other day, and this is the configuration I found worked:

device {
id = 23
name = "Something"
controller = 0
protocol = "x10"
parameters {
house = "1"
unit = "1"

And to reprogram the switch, just set it in learning mode by pressing the on/off button and inserting it in the outlet keeping the button pressed until the red indicator turns on. Then send it the on command after assigning the proper device id the new unit number in tellstick.conf.

% tdtool -n 23

I haven’t had time to test the range and reliability of these switches yet so no comments on those.

Edit 120903
I have returned the switches since the light connected started to glimmer and flash after being in the off mode for a couple of hours. The electia switches was discontinued so I went with a GAO unit instead, so I guess I wont be following up on this..
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