Monthly Archives: October 2012

Local spamassassin rules

I’m the maintainer for a FreeBSD port (hopefully more soon), unfortunately they have made the strange decision to publish all maintainers email addresses completely readable online. Subsequently almost all spam that gets through is being sent to this specific address. Even though it’s few it’s still irritating and I dislike manual repetitive tasks such as filtering spam. I have even considered turning it into a spam trap but that feels like letting the spammers win.

The solution – adding a pair of rules that gives that address an additional spam rating.
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Upgrading to SSD in the Mac

MacBook Pro open

MacBook Pro open with new SSD installed

I finally took the step to ditch the old spinner in my MBP since the prices of SSDs have gotten very compelling. I got a 256GB Samsung 830-Series for just less than 1200 SEK and that let me avoid the hassle of moving to a smaller drive.

The switch itself was a series of simple steps as follows.
First I ran a manual time machine backup (I backup my entire system to ease a full restore in case of crash or theft). Then I rebooted and did another manual backup just to be sure.
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