Upgrading to SSD in the Mac

MacBook Pro open

MacBook Pro open with new SSD installed

I finally took the step to ditch the old spinner in my MBP since the prices of SSDs have gotten very compelling. I got a 256GB Samsung 830-Series for just less than 1200 SEK and that let me avoid the hassle of moving to a smaller drive.

The switch itself was a series of simple steps as follows.
First I ran a manual time machine backup (I backup my entire system to ease a full restore in case of crash or theft). Then I rebooted and did another manual backup just to be sure.

I then removed the old drive and inserted the SSD. I used a ph000 and a t6 screwdriver for this, but a ph00 would probably do.

Boot the install DVD, create a partition and did a restore from my time machine (FreeNAS file server in my case). The backup once started was quite fast, I got somewhere about 360-380Mb/s transfer.

Apparently not all system files gets backed up wich was quite noticeable since I lost all the patches that was not included on the DVD..

I then disabled the sudden motion sensor by issuing the following two commands,
[mbp:~] henrik% sudo pmset -g
to check if it was enabled and then
[mbp:~] henrik% sudo pmset -a sms 0
to actually disable it.
See the apple KB for more info here

I have not yet enabled TRIM since I want to get a feel for how it performs after just the switch to SSD first, but that will problably be something to look into.

A totally unscientific timing from boot until login prompt is at 54 seconds with the HDD and about 16 with SSD.


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