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Favourite command of the day – xbmc-send

Using xbmc-send one can remotely via SSH trigger a rescan of the media library. For example the videos like here below.
apathy:~ $ xbmc-send --action="XBMC.updatelibrary(video)"
Sending action: XBMC.updatelibrary(video)

The xbmc-send command can be used for a lot of things and is well worth looking further into.
This works fine for me on OpenELEC version 3.0.6.


Google authenticator on Raspberry Pi

Google authenticator logoAfter adding ssh keys as I try to always do on my systems I went on to installing the Google authenticator module.

Install and setup
construct:~# apt-cache search google-authenticator
libpam-google-authenticator - Two-step verification
construct:~# apt-get install libpam-google-authenticator

then as my user I just run google-authenticator to set it up:
henrik@construct ~ $ google-authenticator
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