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Nagios on the Raspberry Pi

I have been playing around a bit with running Nagios on the Raspberry Pi for a while now and it works pretty well.

Even though I did the simplest kind of install of Nagios 3 with apt-get there was a couple of things that needed poking at to get external commands running.

Firs make sure that your webserver user is a member of the nagios group, and secondly change the group permissions lite below.

construct:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins# chmod g+w /var/lib/nagios3/rw

The above should be pretty self explanatory. I have no memory of actually adding the www-data user to the nagios group, but make sure that is done or the external commands wont work.

I’m currently monitoring 16 hosts – with a total of just about 30 checks which has to be seen as very little – and so far there has been no issues due to the Pies limitations.

Nagios circular map

Though it’s mostly just to test it still gives me some situational awareness which is always nice.