Monthly Archives: January 2016

Log remote hosts to a separate log with syslog in FreeBSD

In FreeBSD you can easily let remote hosts log to your system without installing any third party applications. When doing so you might want to separate your remote hosts logs from the local hosts logs which is also easy to do.

Add this to the bottom of your /etc/syslog.conf on the host accepting the logs:
*.* /path/to/remote-host.log

The trick is @ which is a handy short for the local hostname, so by negating it like above you get the separation you want.

Works on FreeBSD11.0-Current, check man syslog.conf(5) if this doesn’t work for you.


View page source in safari

To be able to view the page source in Safari you need to enable the ‘Develop’ menu in the menu bar.
Do this by going to Preferences (⌘+,) -> Advanced and then tick the box “Show Develop menu in the menu bar”.

Then just click Develop -> Show Page Source or as I prefer, hit ⌥+⌘+u to view the page source.