This blog uses Piwik, in my opinion the best free open source web statistics tool. The statistics for this blog is really all I get out of it and I very much like having it. However I also feel really strong for privacy, integrity and the right to choose. My Piwik system respects the Do not track browser option and if you want to opt out of tracking altoghether, here is how:

Opting out from Piwik will not affect you being logged in the normal webserver logs but I do not usually use them for statistics.

This site also displays some ads from Amazon and Google like the ones on this page with the intent of giving me some financial incentive. If you are concerned about them and their respective tracking, you probably know how to not have them displayed.

As most modern sites this site uses cookies for various things, even like opting out from tracking above. Refer to the manual for your specific browser if this concerns you.

Think that I missed something? Please let me know.


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