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Trying some Nexa switches with the Tellstick

Nexa wireless switches

Nexa wireless switches

A couple of days ago I happened by that Swedish chain with random things for around the house mentioned previously again and saw that they had Nexa wireless switches on sale (more..).

Naturally I had to try them!

They are pretty smart, and starts to auto learn the moment you plug them in. Setup with the Tellstick was a breeze, just add the switch as a protocol arctech self learning switch, give it a house number between 1 and 6710883 and a unit number. And off you go!

I have just added the first of the three so I can’t really comment on the reliability but expectations are high.

These have three memory locations, so perfect for tellstick plus remote and future fun.


Fixing the range issue on my Tellstick

While I can in no way take any original credit for this idea I just wanted to share some pictures of my Tellstick in this process since the onces I have seen were of much older revisions.

Mine is a batch 10 of the original TS001 with internal antenna.
The new antenna is 164mm from the soldering point to the end. Google a bit and you will find both the math for this and lots of howtos.

As usual, click the images to blow them up a bit.

Before any modification
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