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A beginning foray into 3d printing

Prusa Mendel z-motor mountI have lately decided to build a 3d printer, and while I’m not the first it will still probably be extensively documented here.

The original idea was to put together a kit part by part as a long time side project but it is now leaning more towards the puchase of a complete kit at once. This to ensure that the end result actually works, and the way I’ve calculated it will also be substatially cheaper.

Assembled Prusa MendelSo the question now is what kit to get.

It currently stands mostly between a H1 kit from seemecnc.com or a Prusa Mendel kit.

I also have yet to decide if I will run it from my MacBook Pro or via an Arduiono. (I guess my old duemilanove clone isn’t going to cut it..)

Any input in the matter is greatly appreciated!

On a not so related note I’m buying a GoPro camera tomorrow so I will at least be practicing on making all kinds of bar mounts and the like once the printer is built.