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Local spamassassin rules

I’m the maintainer for a FreeBSD port (hopefully more soon), unfortunately they have made the strange decision to publish all maintainers email addresses completely readable online. Subsequently almost all spam that gets through is being sent to this specific address. Even though it’s few it’s still irritating and I dislike manual repetitive tasks such as filtering spam. I have even considered turning it into a spam trap but that feels like letting the spammers win.

The solution – adding a pair of rules that gives that address an additional spam rating.
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wp upgrade etc

Yay, so I finally got around to upgrade wordpress wich is actually at 3.0.1 by now. So much for keeping in the front!
As a sort of celebration for that I have also changed the theme, might still do some experimenting with that though..
I have also gotten myself an Amazon associates program id so all you beautiful people out there can support me while purchasing books for yourself! You can bet on some weird stuff showing up here while I experiment with the shapes and forms of that..
For now why not have a look at this great book, Designing BSD Rootkits by Joseph Kong.

So all in all, this is pretty much a post to ignore.



I recently started to poke around with drupal for the content of a couple of sites I host.
Thats when I stumbled upon this nice take on capthas.

Traditionally a captcha consists of random letters and words, that are more or less readable, to stop spamming scripts. This is a problem since people also have a somewhat hard time reading garbled random characters.

Recaptcha uses a different approach, it lets users decode scanned words from books that OCR software can’t handle. This means that what you see are actual words which is easier for humans to understand, and that it should be sufficiently hard to decode by software. Also you help digitalize books. It is really a win-win situation!
An example of it in use can be seen below, or in the comment form on this blog.
recaptcha example

As of the fall of 2009 google has also acquired recaptcha.
More info and some statistics can be found at the recaptcha web site.