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Setting up a VPN on pfSense 2.0

Since I recently upgraded my firewall to pfSense 2.0-RC3 I had a look today at setting up a VPN.
Those who have looked at getting VPN up with the OpenVPN system in 1.2.3 knows that it is a bit fiddly, with manually generating certificates and keys and then uploading them to the firewall and pairing this with users etcetera..

In 2.0 however it is a completely different story!
I actually used the guide just to test it out, and it gives some good default values. Setting up the CA and generating certificates blows by in a second. Set up the IP range for you VPN clients in cidr, specify the net they should get linked to and off you go.
I then set up a user, generated his key and exported the settings using the export vpn settings plugin.

After installing tunnelblick(OpenVPN GUI for OS X) on my mbp I imported the settings and certificates.
Then it was just a matter of connecting using the credentials given to the user created above.

All in all it took less then 5 minutes!
Big kudos to the pfSense team.